Purple Tulips Meaning ( Secret Meanings & Symbolism )

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Purple tulips are one of the most beautiful tulips you could ever gift someone, the color purple is relatively rare in nature, and this is why these flowers are so special. Purple tulips got their unique color after years of cross breeding and hybridizing with different colors of tulips.

Purple tulips have long been associated with royalty and elegance. In the past, purple dye was considered a luxurious and expensive commodity, accessible only to the wealthy and royals. This exclusivity gave purple tulips a symbolic meaning of regality and sophistication. Queen Elizabeth I even enacted a decree in the 16th century, reserving the color purple for the royal family.

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Purple tulips are a relatively new color of tulips because the original tulips came in only 3 colors, white, red, and yellow. Purple tulips due to their natural beauty have picked up different meanings and symbolisms. What these beautiful flowers actually mean depends on the culture, region, and context. Although tulips have been grown for thousands of years, the purple ones were most likely grown by the Dutch in the 16-17th century.

In fact, most of the different colored tulips have been bred and cultivated by the Dutch. If you want to know the meaning of yellow tulips then check out my recent article Yellow Tulips Meaning ( Symbolism & Secret Meanings ).

Purple Tulips Meaning

Purple tulips represent royalty, elegance, and admiration. The rich and deep hue of purple is often associated with luxury and regality, making purple tulips a symbol of sophistication and nobility. They convey a sense of admiration and respect, making them a popular choice for expressing deep appreciation or acknowledging someone’s accomplishments. Purple tulips can also symbolize spirituality and mysticism, making them a meaningful choice for spiritual or introspective occasions. Additionally, they can represent enchantment and fascination, making them a perfect gift to express infatuation or to captivate someone’s attention.

Purple Tulips Symbolism

One of the strongest symbolism of purple tulips is royalty because purple has been considered a color only fit for royalty as long ago as ancient Rome. In fact, purple colored clothes were only worn by Senators and High Nobility in ancient Rome, because the dye was extremely expensive to make. In the 16th century, tulips were worth more than gold, and purple tulips were exceptionally rare.

The symbolism of royalty for the purple color is so strong that Queen Elizabeth actually banned this color from being worn by other people than royalty.

Royalty and Nobility: The color purple has been associated with royalty and nobility for at least two thousand years, the Romans and Persians were the first ones that started associating this color with royalty and nobility.

Loyalty and trust: The loyalty symbolism of purple tulips is closely associated with the royalty symbolism because royalty is extremely dependent on loyalty and trust. Even the richest man in the world is nothing if he isn’t surrounded by loyal people who he can trust.

Creativity: Due to the unique purple color, these tulips also symbolize creativity.

Mourning: In some cultures, purple tulips symbolize mourning, although these are a darker shade of purple tulips that almost look like they are black. If you want to know what pink tulips mean then check out my recent article Pink Tulips Meaning ( Symbolism & Secret Meanings ).

Purple Tulips Through History

Tulips have been first cultivated by the Persians, they usually grew only red, yellow, and white ones as these grow natively in Central Asia. The Ottoman Empire continued the tradition of cultivating tulips long after the Persian Empire fell. Purple tulips were developed by the Dutch in the 17th century, the Dutch were the ones that cross bred tulips to make new varieties in color and shape.

Today purple tulips can be easily found, no matter if you want to buy flowers or tulip bulbs. Purple tulips are usually spread by dividing bulbs rather than seeds because most varieties of purple tulips don’t grow the same colored flower when grown from seed. If you want to know what red tulips mean then check out my recent article Red Tulips Meaning ( Symbolism & Secrets ).

Key Takeaways

  • Purple tulips mean royalty, loyalty, creativity, elegance, creativity, luxury, and even mourning in certain cultures. The main reason why purple tulips have been associated with royalty is because only royalty could afford anything that is purple. If you got gifted some purple tulips then the person gifting them to you thinks very highly of you, like of royalty.
  • The color purple has long been associated with royalty and this is the strongest symbol of purple tulips.
  • Purple tulips come in different shades, some so dark that they in fact look like they are black tulips, but they are just darker purple tulips.