Peace Lily Leaves Not Unfurling ( Top 8 Reasons )

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Your plant has likely been producing new leaves for some time now, but at a certain point, you may notice that they are not unfurling as they should.

Peace Lily leaves can fail to unfurl for various reasons. Factors such as low humidity, insufficient sunlight, over-fertilization, or pest infestations can cause your plants to remain closed and unable to unfurl. Normally, it takes about 1-2 weeks for plant leaves to open, but addressing these environmental issues can expedite the process.

In this article, we will provide comprehensive insights into why some plant leaves do not open or unfurl and offer solutions to address these problems.

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Peace Lily Leaves Not Unfurling

When leaves fail to unfurl or open, it indicates that the younger leaves are remaining closed for an extended period due to adverse internal environmental conditions. If these leaves were to open, it could potentially harm the entire plant.

The leaves are essentially in a state of preservation, as the plant is attempting to prevent moisture loss to the surrounding environment.

When leaves fail to unfurl and remain closed, it’s as if the plant has entered survival mode. To rectify this issue, certain factors need to be addressed, as we’ll explain next. If you want to know why your peace lily leaves are so small then check out my recent article Why Are My Peace Lily Leaves So Small? ( Top 7 Reasons ).

Low Humidity

Insufficient humidity is the primary cause of closed plant leaves. It accelerates transpiration and can result in brown spots on the leaf edges. In low humidity conditions, there is increased water loss, prompting the leaves to curl as a means of conserving moisture. The stomatal openings in such cases will remain closed to minimize moisture loss.


Extreme cold temperatures can cause plant leaves to curl up and remain closed, while excessively hot temperatures can accelerate transpiration, preventing the leaves from unfurling.

Watering Issues

Both overwatering and underwatering can result in stunted growth for your plant. You may notice the leaves becoming soft, sticky, or unresponsive. To ensure your plant receives the right amount of water, it’s essential to monitor the soil consistently. If your peace lily is not growing then check out my recent article Peace Lily Not Growing ( Top 8 Reasons ).


Insect infestations can also lead to leaves becoming stuck. To eliminate any insects that might be affecting your plant, we recommend using neem oil, eco-friendly insect spray, or biological pest control methods. These approaches can effectively address insect issues and help your plant thrive.

Not Enough Light

This condition hinders plants from performing photosynthesis, which is essential for their healthy growth. In such a state, plants lack the necessary energy to unfurl their leaves.

Additionally, unopened leaves remain unable to receive adequate sunlight as they are not positioned for this purpose and rely on the plant’s other leaves to perform photosynthesis.

Consequently, the leaves may turn yellow and prematurely fall off. Direct sunlight can remedy this situation. You can actually use grow lights for peace lilies, for more information check out my recent article Peace Lily Grow Light ( LED & Grow Lights ).


Wind can increase the rate of evaporation in plants, and when it’s excessive, it can cause water loss at a rate that the plant can’t manage. This can lead to the plant keeping new leaves closed to conserve as much water as possible.

Soil Quality

The quality of the soil plays a significant role in preventing your plant’s leaves from getting stuck. If your plant has been in the same potting soil for an extended period, it might have depleted the nutrients in the soil. It could be time for repotting and replacing the soil. We recommend using one of our specialized soil mixes designed for epiphytes, succulents, or aroids. These mixes contain all the essential nutrients your plant needs for healthy growth. During the spring and summer months, you can also supplement with plant nutrition to support your plant’s growth.

Overfertilizing Or Underfertilizing

Your plant leaves might not be unfurling because the soil lacks the proper amount of nutrients, which can also lead to a change in the color of the leaves.

However, if you over-fertilize to meet this requirement, it might lead to a chemical build-up in the soil and hinder water absorption. Consequently, the plant leaves may close again.

How To Get Peace Lily Leaves To Unfurl

Maintain a humidity level of 50-70% around your plant. You can achieve this by misting them with water every other day or once a week, or by using a humidifier in your living space.

Ensure your plant receives an adequate amount of sunlight daily, typically around 5-8 hours of indirect sunlight. Avoid placing them in a dark corner.

Keep your plants well-hydrated, but avoid overwatering. Water them once a week when the top layer of soil becomes dry. Check the soil’s moisture level by inserting your finger into it, and water until it starts draining from the pot’s bottom holes.

Protect your plants from heat stress to prevent leaf closure or lack of unfurling. Heat stress can accelerate evaporation, causing the leaves to remain closed.

Provide your plants with the necessary nutrients at least twice a year. Ensure the fertilizer is rich in essential elements like potassium, nitrogen, and manganese, which are crucial for plant growth.

Consider the quality of your water source. If your tap water contains a high concentration of salts that hinder water absorption, it’s advisable to filter the water before using it for your plants.