Can You Plant Dahlias With Roses? ( Top 15 Combinations )

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Roses can be excellent companion plants for Dahlias, however, there are some precautions that you should definitely take when pairing these two plants together. Not all types are roses are good companion plants for Dahlias, as some will outcompete the Dahlias while others might damage them.

You can plant most types of Roses with Dahlias, provided that you leave a couple of feet between them, as most roses have thorns that could easily damage the leaves and the stem of the Dahlias. Avoid planting climbing roses with Dahlias as these tend to grow relatively fast and could climb up or damage the Dahlias. Do not plant Dahlias with Roses in pots, as sooner or later the Dahlias will be damaged.

Usually, Dahlias are planted alone in bigger clusters for the wow effect, although pairing them up with roses can be an excellent idea. Both Dahlias and Roses like the same conditions, full sun, and well draining soil. As long as you do not plant the roses too close to the Dahlias you will have long lasting blooms which will compete in beauty with each other. The biggest benefit when pairing Dahlias with roses is that your garden will be filled with flowers for a long time.

Dahlias and rose flowers have different shades of color, shapes, and forms, which will make them pop a lot easier in your garden, adding a nice contrasting effect that will draw your eyes to the different flowers. If you are growing your Dahlias in pots then check out my recent article How Often To Water Dahlias In Pots ( Top 4 Things To Consider ).

Can You Plant Dahlias With Roses?

Yes, dahlias and roses can be planted together in the same garden bed or flower border. Both plants have similar requirements for sunlight, well-draining soil, and regular watering. When planting dahlias with roses, it is important to consider the spacing between the two plants to allow for proper air circulation and prevent overcrowding. This helps reduce the risk of diseases such as powdery mildew or black spot that can affect both roses and dahlias. Additionally, it’s a good idea to choose rose varieties that complement the colors and growth habits of the dahlias for an aesthetically pleasing combination.

Climbing Roses

As a general rule, you should not plant climbing roses with Dahlias, mostly because these roses are very competitive. In addition to this, if the climbing roses are left unattended for longer periods of time they will try to climb the stem of the Dahlias, which will damage the stem of the Dahlias. If you want to plant Dahlias with climbing roses then make sure to use the climbing roses in the background, and have plenty of space between the two plants so the rose doesn’t come close to the Dahlias. If you want to know what types of plants to avoid planting with Dahlias then check out my recent article What Not To Plant With Dahlias ( Top 8 Types Of Plants ).

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses are one of the most common types of roses, they produce one flower per stem, and these are the ones that you buy on Valentine’s Day. Planting Hybrid Tea Roses next to Dahlias is a good idea, but you have to watch out for the thorns. The thorns of these roses can easily puncture the leaves and even the stem of the Dahlias, so plant them a couple of feet away from the Dahlias, in such a way that even if there are strong winds, the two plants do not touch each other.

Grandiflora Roses

Grandiflora Roses do look stunning on their own, but if you plant a couple of Dahlias next to them, your garden will look like a fairy tale. Grandiflora Roses tend to have rather large flowers and they also grow fairly tall. Grandiflora Roses are considered bushes, so if you want to plant these roses with Dahlias then you have to plant the rose bush first and then the Dahlias. Once established these rose bushes can get massive, so be ready to trim them to allow plenty of sunlight for the Dahlias.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses grow big clusters of flowers that tend to last for a fairly long time. Floribunda Roses do not grow as tall as most Dahlias do but they will spread out a bit when they are flowering. You can plant Dahlias with Floribunda Roses, although make sure to keep plenty of space between them so they do not touch each other, due to the thorns. Floribunda Roses tend to be rather hungry plants, so you will have to fertilize both the Dahlias and the roses at the same time.

Polyantha Roses

Polyantha Roses do not grow as tall as some of the other types of rose bushes, which makes them ideal for smaller gardens. Polyantha Roses grow big clusters of flowers that last for a long time, but the overall size of the flowers is only around 1 inch. Polyantha Roses can be planted with Dahlias, just make sure that their stems do not touch each other as the stem of the Dahlias tends to be fairly sensitive.

Miniature Roses

Miniature Roses can be excellent companions for Dahlias, these bloom for a fairly long time, and due to their relatively small size, they will brighten up the garden from the bottom. Although you might be tempted to plant a couple of Miniature Roses around your Dahlias but this isn’t a good idea. These miniature roses have thorns that will damage the Dahlias, so make sure to leave enough space between the roses and the Dahlias.

Shrub Roses

Shrub Roses should not be planted with Dahlias, as these tend to spread relatively fast and are extremely competitive when it comes to water and nutrients. The more mature the shrub rose is the faster it will grow, and if you plant a Dahlia next to it, then it can be only a matter of a couple of days until the stem of the rose will come into direct contact with the Dahlia and eventually damage its stem.

Groundcover Roses

Groundcover Roses are one of the most common types of roses used in larger gardens. These roses tend to cover the ground relatively fast, and they do grow large clusters of flowers. Groundcover Roses can be planted with Dahlias, although you will have to keep an eye on them as they do grow relatively fast. Groundcover Roses are resistant to pests and diseases, which means that these will not spread to your Dahlias.

Alba Roses

Alba Roses grow beautiful white or pink flowers, and the best about them is that they will grow in partial shade as well. You can plant Dhalias with Alba Roses, especially if you have a shady corner that you want to fill in. Just keep in mind that Alba Roses tend to have rather strong thorns which will damage the Dahlias.

Bourbon Roses

Bourbon Roses are one of a kind roses, they have a nice fragrance, have massive blooms and they rebloom fairly reliably. These roses can grow a bit taller than the average Dahlias so make sure to plant them in the background. Bourbon Rose flowers look very similar to Peony flowers, so if you can’t grow peonies with your Dahlias then this rose can fill that role. When planting them with Dahlias do keep in mind that these roses can get top heavy and lean over the Dahlias relatively easily.

Centifolia Roses

If you want to plant a rose that rivals the size of the Dahlia flowers then go with the Centifolia Roses. Centifolia Roses tend to have massive flowers in clusters, they are even nicknamed cabbage roses due to the size of their flowers. Centifolia Roses are considered to be large shrubs when they’re fully matured, so plant your Dahlias in front of them and allow a couple of feet between them, just to make sure the rose doesn’t damage the Dahlias.

English Or David Austin Roses

English or David Austin Roses are the same, these roses are stunning, growing massive clusters of flowers with different shades of color. You can plant Dahlias with David Austin Roses, although make sure to find a good location for the rose, and after that plant the Dahlias. Do not plant these two right next to each other in a small corner, as these roses will outcompete the Dahlias for water and nutrients.

China Roses

China Roses tend to be somewhat more delicate than other roses on this list, although these are probably one of the most beautiful varieties of roses that you will be able to find. Usually, China Roses are grown in pots, mostly because they are a bit more sensitive, although they will be just as happy if planted directly into the garden. If you want to plant Dahlias with China Roses in the garden then make sure to leave plenty of space between them, I do not recommend planting these two in the same pot.

Damask Roses

Damask Roses are one of the oldest types of roses, and they do come in different varieties of shades and colors. If you love the simple yet beautiful flowers that also produce a nice fragrance then Damask Roses are a good option. You can plant Damask Roses with Dahlias, provided that there is enough space between them so they do not touch each other. Mulching Dahlias is a good idea, for more information check out my recent article Best Mulch For Dahlias ( Top 9 Mulches ).

Gallica Roses

Similar to Damask Roses, Gallica Roses are a fairly old variety of roses, that come in a wide variety of colors. Gallica Roses are ideal for smaller gardens as they tend to grow small and bushy. You can plant Gallica Roses with Dahlias as they will provide beautiful flowers close to the ground while the Dahlias will tower over them with their massive flowers.

Key Takeaways

  • You can plant most types of roses with Dahlias as long as there are at least a couple of feet of space between them.
  • The stems of most roses are stronger than the stems of the Dahlias, if they touch each other the friction caused by the wind will damage the Dahlias.
  • Be extra careful when planting Dahlias next to roses that have thorns as they will damage the leaves and the stem of the Dahlias.